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Google AdWords Targets the Repair Industry

As the owner of a small business I understand the importance of advertising in running a successful operation. There is a reason why companies shell out five million bucks for a 30 second Super Bowl ad. In the seven years I have been in operation I have seen dozens of competitors open up a new location, fail to advertise their service, and close down shortly after. As a new entrepreneur I experimented with many different types of advertising...TV, radio, flyers, mailers, social media...but the greatest return I could find on any type of advertising was Google. Paying for ads was a surefire way to increase not only your search position overall, but your organic search results also. This is a big bonus for small businesses who do not have the capital to pay hundreds of dollars per month to a company to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines. I have recently found out that it has come to an end, though. In August of last year, Google quietly announced that it was going to disable advertising for third-party tech support companies due to scam advertisements that allowed bad people access to people's computers who were looking for assistance. What they didn't announce, however, was that any company performing any kind of electronics repair services would also no longer be allowed to advertise. Advertising for iPhone repair? Gone. Advertising for computer repair? Gone. Advertising for iPad repair? Gone. No longer will small businesses be allowed access to advertise on the search engine that handles 90% of search engine market share. I have changed most of my advertising dollars over to Facebook currently, although I don't like yet again handing hard earned money (earned first by my customers, then earned by my employees and myself) over to another tech giant as they control far too much of the industry. Is there a way to fight back? I'm open to ideas, please reach out and let me know!

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