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The number one question I get asked as the owner of Cellular Mekanix is, "How did you get started in phone repair?" Well, for those who are curious before you even come in, here's my story:

I was living in Texas back in 2008 and 2009, working in the oil industry. Tired of what I was doing, and missing my family, I chose to quit my job and move back home to Eugene. Little did I realize that the place I lived was being propped up by the oil industry, and the recession had hit Eugene very hard. Jobs were scarce, so I had to take what I could get. That led to a job selling cell phones for a Verizon authorized store. I learned a lot about the cell phone industry, but after a couple of years of the company cutting commissions payouts, as well as managers salaries, I decided to look into fixing phones. After doing some research on phone repair schools, I contacted one of my old army buddies, who had opened a repair store in California in 2008. Instead of spending a bunch of money to go to what I now know is a useless week of training, he invited me to come and work at his shop for a while. There they taught me tricks of the trade, set me up with different parts vendors, showed me what tools and equipment to get, and gave me a ton of valuable advice! From there I came back to my job at the cell phone store for a few weeks while I wrote up a business plan, then found a location and got the thing started up!

Since then we have grown to two locations, and have a close knit group of employees. We work hard and have fun. Check out some of our YouTube videos to see for yourself!

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