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Water Damage Restoration

If you dropped your phone in the water, all hope is not lost! We have a liquid damage treatment process that can bring your phone back from the dead! We will start by disassembling your device completely. After disassembly we will scrub visible corrosion off of the circuit board, then drop it in an ultrasonic cleaner with a circuit board cleaning solution meant to dissolve corrosion. Afterwards, we will dry it out completely before reassembling the device and testing it out. Once it is testable we will find out if any parts need to be replaced and contact you with a quote. From there you can decide if the parts are worth replacing, or if you would just like data recovery, or if you would just like to abort the repair. The cost for this is as follows:

Non-refundable Intake fee: $30 for Oregon residents, $50 for out of state
Successful water damage repair: $50 additional labor if the phone works in addition to any parts that are needed
Out of state residents need to pay shipping both ways

There are more advanced methods of water damage recovery after this process is finished. This requires circuit board level repair, which we only currently offer as a mail out service. It is fairly expensive as it is very time consuming, and requires expensive equipment. If you are interested in this please let us know. Additionally, please allow us plenty of time to perform this service. We understand that phones are an important part of life, but rushing the service can result in permanent damage. The optimal amount of time for this repair is 48-72 hours.
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