Computer Repair

Your computer has now stopped functioning...maybe you dropped it, maybe you opened something you shouldn't, maybe it's just being a typical computer! As the demand for our phone services has grown, so have the requests to add computer repair to our list of services, and so we have done so! Whether you have a software or hardware issue, please give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions and get a good, working device back on your desk as soon as we possible can!

315 Coburg Rd Ste B

Eugene, OR 97401

(NW Corner of Albertsons Parking Lot)

Mon-Fri 9-7

Sat- 9-5


Call with your questions!

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- Screen Repair

- Charging Port Repair

- Water Damage Recovery

- Diagnostics

- Internal Battery Replacements

- iPad Repair

- And Much More!


315 Coburg Rd, Ste B

Eugene, OR 97401